we belong here

Today we visited with some friends on Mercer Island, walked to downtown Kirkland for an early dinner at the Lakeshore Veggie House, and played on the beach on the way back.  I expect another outstanding sunset tonight. J was working all day, but is hosting a dinner downstairs in the restaurant at our hotel.  It’s our last night at the Woodmark.  Tomorrow we’ll be heading to what I hope is a lovely little beach house over in West Seattle, near Alki Beach. 

Let’s get back to the Veggie House…I’m finishing up what was supposed to be leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch.  The food is incredible.  At home, we have to drive for half an hour to get to any vegetarian food not on a standard Indian restaurant menu, and even then, it’s only good.  Not great like this is…they even deliver.  I know this because that’s how we discovered this wonder in the first place.  Seattle and its environs is a haven for vegetarians.  (Seattlevegan.com is a great resource, if anyone is looking.)  There’s even a vegan donut shop for my non-vegan donut-loving husband. (He calls donuts “ethnic food” since his ancestry is Dutch.  And the Dutch supposedly invented donuts)  Oh we will most definitely find ourselves there!

After our weekend at Alki beach, we will rent a condo in the city near Pike Place Market and “live” within walking distance to everything for a week before we have to return home.

 One spot I’m very much looking forward to visiting is Stitches because I miss my Viking sew much…and I really want to enter a contest for July is Bag Month over at Sew, Mama, Sew. But I don’t think Ill make it by Monday 😦

The climate, the green-ness of it all, the people, the water, the sunsets, the culture, the environment…it’s perfect for us here… 

The husband is hovering, so I’d better close…we belong here.


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