better vacation through medicine

So peter’s on his scond day of corticosteroids, and we see HUGE improvement.  Tomorrow he’ll even be able to help me with the baby.  Since I have a website to write over the next couple days, that will make my “vacation” much better.  up until midnight and then up again at 6 is no way to be a good mommy.  (Especially considering I was also up feeding in those wee hours of the morning too….)

 We have a beautiful hotel room.  Last night there was no sunset, but on Sunday…WOW:
Kirkland Sunset #1

Peter has a lovely view from his rollaway:
View from Peter's bed

Once Ella has sufficiently napped today, we’ll go for a walk along the waterfront and into town.  I think we love Kirkland, WA more than any city we’ve ever lived in or visited in the U.S.  We could really make a home here someday…in 10 years when the boys have graduated High School.

Yesterday we had to buy a new stroller. Our trusty bugaboo didn’t make the trip.  While I was packing n Saturday I noticed the front wheel was hanging by a plastic thread.  Too bad, really, because after pushing this combi stroller, I appreciate even more what a  fantastic baby accmmodation we have in the bugaboo.  At the store yesterday, J and I were looking for some super-high tech carbon-fibre umbrella-type stroller that folds to the size of a credit card…clearly, we couldn’t find one!  I’m going to keep looking though, because though the combi was our best choice of the lot, it is *not* comfortable to push….

 I wonder if I can find a Baby Om class, or at least a stitch lounge-type place.  I’m going crazy without my sewing machine and yoga mat!


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