vacation quarantine

peter has poison ivy.  all over his hands arms and face.  he isn’t allowed to touch anything or anyone.  j and i had counted on his help with ella so we could get some work done this week, but he cannot touch her.  it’s heartbreaking and frustrating.  heartbreaking because he looks awful, and can’t be his usualy snuggly self.  Frustrating because despite the fact that i cut his fingernails right off, we ahve t keep reminding him not to touch any other part of his body, or anyTHING in the hotel room.  every 30 seconds it’s a new “don’t” and i come back to heartbreaking again….



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2 responses to “vacation quarantine

  1. ewww….poison ivy is not fun. being not well in a hotel room is not fun. when we went to michigan in december, my 11 yr old had strep and an ear infection….the *whole* time.

    hope it clears up soon so you guys can have some fun.


  2. awww…poor guy! I hope he feels better soon and it doesn’t spread.

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