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Vicodin and PUDDING!

Actually percoset and chocolate, but I cannot stop referring to Simeon Dyson, the overly- silly announcer on the MADtv spoof game show.  On our way to (finally) have a lovely hike before we return to flatland, Michigan, we drove out to Sultan, WA, and were stopping at one of the roadside drive-through espresso places to caffeine-up on our way.  I put my cup into the cupholder, but since the lid was’t secured, the whole thing spilled and was so freaking hot I actually screamed obscenities in front of my kids.  I felt searing, throbbing pain and pulled off my wedding bands to discover that the chai I ordered had actually melted my skin. Thank goodness I thought to take off my rings. J stopped at a local quick-mart type place (no drugstores in Sultan) to find some ice and advil.  The pain was not going away.  I was determined to go hiking, even if it meant holding onto a handful of icecubes.  Peter kept asking if I was okay, Ella was screaming because I scared her with my screams, as I climbed in back (in shock, I think) with a handful of melting ice, so I could nurse her while she sat in her carseat.  J did some internet research, using his phone as a modem and discovered that we should not only not use the burn cream we bought, but also that I needed to go to the hospital.  We drove to Redmond because in my reasearch early last week to find a dr. in case Peter’s poison ivy became more severe, I found an urgent care where our insurance was accepted and was open on Saturday. 

 Second degree burns.  I got a prescription for some silver sulfadiazine, percoset, and a tetanus shot.  We were notgoing to also miss out on our favorite restaurant in Seattle, so after a couple pills and a baby nap, we went to Wild Ginger.  I cannot believe we’re leaving tomorrow.

 I’m not the only girl in pain.  Ellabella has her first couple teeth breaking through so we have her comfortably medicated  as well.

Tomorrow’s plans include a trip to the Fremont Market and some souvenir shopping.  We leave on the redeye.  I’m not ready to leave.



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I wish I had had my video camera at dinner.  Ella had some thai veggie rolls, and ice chips (of course) but when the dessert menu came, I picked up one of them and she, in her high chair, picked up the other.  I pointed at something (to myself) and must have said “mmmm” aloud, because I heard “mmmm”and a laugh from the high chair.  I looked up to see Ella completely copying me.  Menu open, pointing at the page, saying “mmmm,” and then giving a laugh and a bounce.  When she noticed me watching, she giggled, and then continued.

 It was probably the cutest thing I’ve ever seen her do.

 In other news, we walked to the gabric store today (again).  We went yesterday too, but were a bit rushed beause we had to get back for our 4 o’clock appointment at the Seattle Underground Tour.  So, today, we hiked the mile straight up the “First Hill” to Stitches which is the loveliest little fabric store I’ve ever seen!  Peter picked out some echino fabric for a shirt and it’s so beautiful I can’t stop looking at it.  He chose this one:

We also picked up some supplies for a top secret project. I’ll share it when Peter and I are done!

Then we went to the REI flagship, and J got me some very nice pants. I guess it’s time to stop dressing in stretchy (stretched out) dumpy clothes and start dressing like a stylish person again. I guess he wants his wife back, instead of the post-partum blob my “wardrobe” seems to convey. (I think he also may be tired of waiting for me to be done with the kids’ clothing so that I’ll make somethng for myself?) I have to say, I feel like a new person in my hemp/recycled plastic blend trousers!

We stopped at a comic book store on the way back…also some more clothing stores (but alas, I could find no shirt to go with the pants) and then back here to the condo. 4 hours of walking. Our dogs are barking! (and tomorrow we hike!)

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Mount Rainier behind the Stadium

Mount Rainier
Originally uploaded by Reed-LePage-Andrews Family.

This is another view from the same spot in the condo. It’s so beautiful here.

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Sun over the Olympics

Sun over the Olympics

Originally uploaded by Reed-LePage-Andrews Family.

Stunning views from every room here. Too bad the traffic noise level is so loud. Otherwise we’d be in heaven.

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back in town

We’ve rented a lovely condo near Pike Place Market in Seattle.  The drive back was uneventful, and Ella was very, surprisingly, quiet.  Of course I had to sit in back between Peter and her car seat, but it was well worth the sacrifice.  We discovered that she enjoyed the delightfully eclectic mix of tunes on Winthrop’s 97.5 KTRT.  Oh how I wish they had an internet radio station.  The music variety was indescribable.  We can only hope they will start their own internet broadcast so the world can hear!

I have a lot of work to complete over the next couple days, but I simply must get into Stitches and we have to take Peter to see the Fremont Bridge Troll.

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on the topic of changes since ellabella…

Goat Peak Trailhead
Ah…signs like that used to cause a flutter in my belly and a tingle in my hiking boots in joyful anticipation of the next 4 hours…

hiking used to be one of our favorite activities…now it’s just stressful.  Ella seems to hate her hiking backpack carrier, and J becomes so irritable, all the enjoyment is sucked out of the activity for him…which in turn affects the rest of us, too.  Not to mention, I had a hard time simply making the pace.

 She seemed to be complacent as we began our ascent to Goat Peak (7,000 ft.)
Already a bit frustrating
near Mazama, WA, but every 20 minutes, J had to stop because Ella was yelling for me, or just squirmy and cranky.  She seemed to be happier when she couldn’t see Peter or me, so he and I went on ahead.  J is a faster hiker than Peter and I are, though, so he had to keep stopping to give us room and then catch up.  Finally, we had to give up.  Ella was so upset, and probably a bit chilly, that we had to turn back.  She fell asleep on her trip down with J.

 Ella Sleeping He said she held his hand and then fell fast asleep, so he took a break waiting for Peter and me, and soaked in the breathtaking scenery.

We do need to figure out 2 things:

  1. how to adjust our expectations so that we can enjoy not reaching the peak, or not completing a goal, but rather the process itself
  2. what we can do with a squirmy 9 month-old

It was pretty steep in places
Peter and I didn’t discover hiking until he was nearly four. He wouldn’t walk more than a couple blocks without asking to be carried, then one afternoon I took him to a local state park and he walked FOUR MILES without a peep of complaint. But, neither J nor I did any type of hiking or other intense outdoor activity when our other chldren were as young as Ella, so we don’t really have a baseline.  Also, Ella is a very challenging child.  In fact, she seems so “grown up” at times we forget she’s really just a baby…I mean, how many babies would put up with a 6 mile hike at altitude?  We need to give her a break!

I think, for me, it also would have been more enjoyable if I wasn’t in such awful physical condition.  I’m not going to start beating myself up here, but I really am looking forward to some good walking days here in town while Ella tolerates the stroller, because I want to get back in shape.  I mentioned this to J and he reminded me that just because we weren’t at 12k feet, 6500 feet still causes some shortness of breath and difficulty moving so I should give myself a break, too.

Peter said that he was very happy to have put some climbing skills into practice, and reminded me that it’s okay that we didn’t reach the peak (even though we were almost there when we had to turn back because I just couldn’t go any further), the most important this was that we were happy.

Peter the Mountaineer

No one was happier than Peter. I can only hope that in a couple years, both our youngest will be smiling after a long and wonderful hike.

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airmail to nowhere

After a splendid granola at Hector’s in Kirkland, we went to Barnes and Noble to pick up a copy of HP7 for Peter before setting out on our driving adventure out to Mazama, WA (advertised to Peter as “the middle of nowhere”) for a couple nights at the Freestone Inn.

A four to five hour drive through the Northern Cascades would have been our idea of heaven just a year ago, but our little banshee has changed how we look at everything, and not always for the better.  I have to say, today was a much better trip than in times past, but she was still miserable for about 1/8 of the trip.

On our way out of the Seattle area, we ran across a roadside fruit stand and J and Peter went wild.  Northwest berries are delightful, so I was grateful for their choices.  Peter and Ella and I munched on berries in the back seat while J drove.  Blackberries, Raspberries and Rainier Cherries…simply delicious.

I drove the final 20 miles, as I was becoming carsick sitting between Ella and Peter while we swayed back and forth over the moutain roads.  When we finally arrived at the Freestone Inn, we discovered that we’d have to drive another 15 miles to the town of Winthrop for laundry facilities.  Since we had expected to spend the weekend in the Alki Beachhouse, we planned our clothing use around having laundry facilities tonight.  So, we loaded the (unhappy to be restained) kids back in the truck and headed to Winthrop, WA.

Once we arrived, we saw that it is a full-on “Ye Olde West” town (insert eye-roll here) and agreed that it was the last place we wanted to be, but with no clean clothes for the weekend, J was irritable enough already without dirty clothes to boot, so we loaded the laundry in the local laundromat and left it to find espresso and smoothies. 
seattle07_07 033

Of course, the andventure couldn’t go too smoothly, as we discovered this sign only after loading the machines:

read me first

…and when they said slowly, they meant s-l-o-w-l-y…trickled in more than poured in to fill the tubs.  I don’t blame the frustrated vandal who added the commentary to the sign!

Fortunately the dryers worked well and once the loads were complete, we made the trip back out of Winthrop and past the Rhythm and Blues festival campground back in time for dinner.

seattle07_07 034
Patient Peter loves his smoothie

Ella was deliriously tired.  We should have known she wouldn’t tolerate a sit-down dinner, but we blythely marched to our doom in the Freestone Inn’s dining room.  4 minutes.  That’s all the time it took for us to want to leave.  J took her for a walk while I requested that our meal be brought to our room.  Fortunately the waitstaff obliged, and we fed Ella her zucchini and carrots while she cruised around the coffee table.

After dinner I took the kids swimming so dad could have a rest.  They were both thrilled to be in the pool, and I have to say, so was I.  The grey cuds loomed, and it sprinkled, but the pool water was delightfully warm, so we spent a good 3 minutes splashing around.  Peter spent most of that time telling me how happy he was we were here in the Methow Valley, and how he couldn’t wait to spend tomorrow hiking and swimming and hiking and swimming.  Ella used her last bit of energy splashing and bouncing and laughing in the water.  She fell asleep almost as soon as she was pyjama-ed. 
seattle07_07 038

Peter read his self-rationed 7 chapters of HP7 and then went to sleep with a smile on his face.

7 chapters a day

Tomorrow will be lovely.  No driving!

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