new discovery has me overwhemled with delight

I have been looking for locals who love to make things as I do, and not having much luck out here in the suburbs (not very surprising).  Ever since I read about Stitch Lounge in San Francisco, I have longed to find a venue for enjoying my craft in community.  Long ago, when I lived downtown, there was *no one* around who enjoyed sewing.  I was alone in my love for making apparel for myself and friends.  I have been sewing for most of my life.  I was even admitted to FIDM LA back when I lived in California, but could not attend due to lack of funds. 

I still have not found friends locally with whom I can sew and make things, but I have found some wonderful resources in Detroit that I hope to explore this summer, as I figure out what to do “when I grow up.”

In this month’s ReadyMade magazine, which I purchased because they published a sewing tip from Heather Bailey (and I feel like it’s an obligation of mine to support those who support those I admire) when lo and behold, the cover touts an article entitled “Detroit Frock City”!  I was floored, and immediately sat in the Chapters Bookstore (in Missisauga for the day) to read the article.  Miss Ella was strapped into the carrier, sleeping.  Motor City Sewing is a new company aiming to provide a service long needed here in the midwest – a sewing factory!  There are two ladies, both named Sarah, who have a very stylish and unique menswear line (Wound) and couldn’t find a manucaturer to run their limited quantity lines within their quality specifications, so they started their OWN factory.  These are two women I admire.  I am so encouraged by their ingenuity and motivation! 

 Read more here: Motor City Sewing

 I have also discovered a group, Handmade Detroit who host a “Sunday Crafternoon” each month at a Brewery in Ferndale, MI.  I was hoping it was more a place to get together and create, but it’s a show of local crafters, which is almost as fun. 

Julia and Ella and I are most definitely going to attend the DUCF this year, on August 4th.  In fact, just thinking about this makes me want to get home so I can help Julia finish her skirts, and put together Ella’s baby black pants. 

Since my mom is going to be gardening with Peter on Tuesday, I’m on buttonhole duty  – so Sara and I can actually HAVE the baby dresses my mom has (mostly) put together for Ella and Sophia.


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