what should I be doing right now?

sleeping of course.  My husband is working in Europe for the week and I have the baby, a rather large workload, and two boys for a couple hours each day.  What am I doing?  Baking bread and waiting for my darling husband to land in London and send me a text message.

 The bread is french bread from a vegan cookbook I picked up last year.  My son Peter has loved everything I’ve made from this book so far, so I keep trying new recipes.  The book is called “Incredibly Delicious” and its contents certainly are.  The only beef (forgive the pun) I have with this book is that the binding is very poor and chunks of pages are falling out.  I wonder if I could have it somehow converted to a spiral-bound book?

Ella doesn’t seem to be a huge fan of cooking. She is, however, a huge fan of eating, so perhaps some time in the kitchen (albeit against her will at this point) will be good.  It’s wonderful to cook with Peter.  His time at the Detroit Waldorf School really helped him to become comfortable with a knife, and tools, and baking.  He is in charge of all vegetable chopping (and vegetable shopping).

 Earlier today, Ella discovered the storage container cabinet.  I must remember her fascination with it next time I’m in the kitchen.  I’m sure she wouldn’t mind occupying herself while Peter and I figure out a new recipe.Cabinet InspectorCabinet InspectorCabinet InspectorCabinet Inspector

Cabinet Inspector

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