Originally uploaded by Reed-LePage-Andrews Family.

I embroidered Om on her onesie. I don’t know, maybe I thought she’d be more meditative? During Ella’s birth I “om”ed through every hard contraction. Tried to focus inward and pull each Om up through all the chakras. My little yogini seems to prefer movement to contemplative meditation. That’s okay. I’ll have to catch her on camera in dolphin pose. She’s amazing at 8 months old!



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2 responses to “What?

  1. Karen, you are amazing. You get so much done. Ella must be a wonderful (sewing) baby. Olivia does not like me to sew. She is just like her brother. Fifteen minutes in one chair is about all she can handle. Oh well, I will get her there. BTW, good idea.

  2. She’s not. She’s terrible. She destroys my sewing room when I get her down there. I wouldn’t care if it were just spreading fabric all over, but she must pull on all cords, plugs, sewing machine pedals, chair legs, etc. She’s actually a wonderfully curious child, but the only reason I can hand embroider anything is because I have a tiny box that I take out of the nightstand after she falls asleep, and I craft in between the first and second feedings of the night – instead of reading as I once did.

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