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new discovery has me overwhemled with delight

I have been looking for locals who love to make things as I do, and not having much luck out here in the suburbs (not very surprising).  Ever since I read about Stitch Lounge in San Francisco, I have longed to find a venue for enjoying my craft in community.  Long ago, when I lived downtown, there was *no one* around who enjoyed sewing.  I was alone in my love for making apparel for myself and friends.  I have been sewing for most of my life.  I was even admitted to FIDM LA back when I lived in California, but could not attend due to lack of funds. 

I still have not found friends locally with whom I can sew and make things, but I have found some wonderful resources in Detroit that I hope to explore this summer, as I figure out what to do “when I grow up.”

In this month’s ReadyMade magazine, which I purchased because they published a sewing tip from Heather Bailey (and I feel like it’s an obligation of mine to support those who support those I admire) when lo and behold, the cover touts an article entitled “Detroit Frock City”!  I was floored, and immediately sat in the Chapters Bookstore (in Missisauga for the day) to read the article.  Miss Ella was strapped into the carrier, sleeping.  Motor City Sewing is a new company aiming to provide a service long needed here in the midwest – a sewing factory!  There are two ladies, both named Sarah, who have a very stylish and unique menswear line (Wound) and couldn’t find a manucaturer to run their limited quantity lines within their quality specifications, so they started their OWN factory.  These are two women I admire.  I am so encouraged by their ingenuity and motivation! 

 Read more here: Motor City Sewing

 I have also discovered a group, Handmade Detroit who host a “Sunday Crafternoon” each month at a Brewery in Ferndale, MI.  I was hoping it was more a place to get together and create, but it’s a show of local crafters, which is almost as fun. 

Julia and Ella and I are most definitely going to attend the DUCF this year, on August 4th.  In fact, just thinking about this makes me want to get home so I can help Julia finish her skirts, and put together Ella’s baby black pants. 

Since my mom is going to be gardening with Peter on Tuesday, I’m on buttonhole duty  – so Sara and I can actually HAVE the baby dresses my mom has (mostly) put together for Ella and Sophia.


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Sharing Lunch

I love to share lunch with Ella.  Our favorite so far is Amy’s Non-Dairy Vegetable Pot Pie.  The instructions on the box  say to cook in the oven for 45 minutes, but the pie is perfect if you just put it in the microwave for 5 minutes on high, straight from the freezer.
Sharing Lunch

At almost 9 months, Ella does great with the potatoes and tofu, but doesn’t care for trying to chew the carrots without any teeth. She seems to be neural on peas.

It makes my day to see her so happy.


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we should have named her Kali

oh the baby is indeed an incarnation of kali, the goddess of destruction.  now that she can stand, she removes all she can reach from any surface.  her toys, beginning neatly stacked in the living room, become instantaneously spread over the floor into the dining room.  her bedroom, upon her entrance, becomes strewn with clothing, formerly neatly stacked.  when she plays in my room, all cabinet doors are opened and each dvd is removed from its case, every wire within her reach is pulled, drawers are expanded to their maximum level of openness, books removed from the bottom two shelves in the bookcase, and she sits among the wreckage and laughs.

so i laugh with her.

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what should I be doing right now?

sleeping of course.  My husband is working in Europe for the week and I have the baby, a rather large workload, and two boys for a couple hours each day.  What am I doing?  Baking bread and waiting for my darling husband to land in London and send me a text message. Continue reading

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Next time – learn first Needle’ Satin Stitch Video Tutorial

Next time I’ll actually learn some stitches before I work some tiny embroidery on the onesies.  This video library is amazing. I cannot wait to show my mother!

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Originally uploaded by Reed-LePage-Andrews Family.

I embroidered Om on her onesie. I don’t know, maybe I thought she’d be more meditative? During Ella’s birth I “om”ed through every hard contraction. Tried to focus inward and pull each Om up through all the chakras. My little yogini seems to prefer movement to contemplative meditation. That’s okay. I’ll have to catch her on camera in dolphin pose. She’s amazing at 8 months old!


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Taking the next step

I think I might atually begin to sew for myself.  I just signed up at the burda style community.  It has been years since I subscribed to Burda Pattern Magazine (high school I think?  Jr. High, even?)  But I’m intrigued by their “open source sewing” concept. 

I’d love to join the local ASG when Ella grows up a bit, too, and I find time to attend meetings.  (Yoga comes first, though, I must admit.)

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