far more successful day

today ella and i vsited our friend miranda and read/copyedited her philosophy paper for her.  we love miranda.

i finished my project to meet my deadline, only to have another request thrown at me!  i truly should be grateful for the work, since it’s all billable, but i really want to spend some tme goofing off with ella and sewing.  i did a bit of both this evening.  ella played in her babycage (pack and play) while i cut some gorgeous japanese print stretch woven material for her next baby dress from the latest ottobre design magazine.

 spent some time making a long bias strip while she crawmy stash when the piles were just babies…now they are giants because i keep feeding them :)led around on the floor exploring my stash, and then picked her up onto my lap for the first couple of seams before it was time to go play upstairs an wait for J to return from his 1 day FL trip.  i look forward to the day ella is old enough to sit at her own machine and we can spend the day crafting something or another.  i loved sewing with my mom.  still do, though these days it’s more like me harassing her to keep up on her projects.

pistons won, and the sweet baby’s asleep, but i will have to leave the dress for another session tomorrow.  my goal for the rest of may is to make something every day.  i missed my viking.  i feel better having spent even just a few minutes in her presence this evening!

my viking was lonely while we were away


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