Not a flinch in the starting laps!

Not a flinch in the starting laps!
Originally uploaded by Reed-LePage-Andrews Family.Well, we just returned from Barcelona. Our friends in Geneva shared with us their tickets complements of BMW Spain and we rented an apartment together for the week. We brought Ella and she fell in love with our friend M. and his son L.The flights went well. I read Ella a lot of board books and she chewed on her many toys. I don’t know what we’d do without our ergo carrier…it’s the only way Ella will fall asleep these days. Also, being that she hates to be strapped into anything, it’s a nice alternative to trying to hold her when she insists on being released from her stroller.

We visited some of our favorite places, but mostly enjoyed simply “being” in Catalunya again.

We rented our apartment from a *wonderful* agency. Their places are so lovely, and they people who run the operation are fantastic. Check out if you’re ever headed to Barcelona.

One of my favorite places on earth is Park Guell, built by Antoni Gaudi. It is a magical-mosaical place. We heard some lovely music, my husband bought some CDs of the buskers at the park, and Ella and I enjoyed our time lying under the main terrace.

She has started to crawl, so I was chasing her back on to the blanket as much as I was attempting to capture the ceiling mosaics with my camera, but such is life with ellabella.

Chasing Ella

If we didn’t have 3 other children to return to, I know we’d have stayed forever. It’s so hard to leave!



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2 responses to “Not a flinch in the starting laps!

  1. What a cute outfit? Did you make it? I love the color on her. Oh Spain! How beautiful.

  2. I didn’t make it. My mother bought it at a Carter’s outlet, but I love it on her, too.

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