six months flew by

my favorite little person is sleeping next to me right now.  i cannot believe she is already six months old.  today she burst into a chorus of mamammamamamamama…i love that.  Sunday night she rolled right into the dining room, and today she was rolling all around the living room.  she can already get up on her hands and knees.  scary.  i’m not ready for a crawling baby.

 this one is different.  peter was so docile, i didn’t even need to child proof anything.  ella is already like an octopus and tasmanian devil rolled into one.  i made her some clothing recently and had to catch her sleeping because she kept lunging toward me, trying to grab the camera.
Ella the sleepy ladybug

…after her rolling adventure on Sunday night, she wanted to be held all day Monday.  I do mean all day.  Not that I minded, of course.  She is still just a baby!  Thankful as ever for my ergo carrier.

Mom is coming over tomorrow and I was planning to stay up and trace some pattern for ella’s summer clothing,  but i think i’ll just enjoy her sleep and join her instead…. 


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