Toronto in 2 days with a teething baby

I can hardly believe I insisted on hurrying back into town from vacation so I wouldn’t miss my sewing class.  It wasn’t even that good a cass, to be honest, but I was far too excited to learn more about my Viking. My poor husband had no idea what a monster he was creating when he bought it for me for my birthday.  On the other hand, for all this ambition, our daughter is moving toward an all homemade wardrobe rather quickly!

Well, it wasn’t actualy “vacation” either.  J had to work – scheduled a couple days’ worth of meetings in Toronto, so Ella and I tagged along.  My work is portable.  How ironic that after my post about successful airplane travel, I have to admit I was stumped when Ella screamed halfway to Toronto.  It’s only a 4 hour drive, but even with me in the back seat next to her, sometimes leaning over her to nurse her in her seat (isn’t *that* a visual?) she was still miserable. 

Once we reached our hotel, we expected her to calm down and morph back into the laid-back baby were used to.  That was not the case, to our dismay and discomfort.  Our decision to stay at the Rogers Centre in a field-view room was a good one.  Ella was distracted by the field, and enjoyed sitting in front of the floor-to-ceiling window to watch the game and practice.  She notices everything…we were amused watching her sweet little blue eyes follow the baseball around during warmups.
baseball Canada vacation Tigers

Someday we’ll take all the kids there.  I love Toronto, even though the weather was awful while we were there. 

Freezing rain and sleet bombarded us on our walk to dinner and back, but finding the restaurant was worth the entire trip – cranky teething baby and all.  We found a vegan gourmet restaurant whih was surprisingly fantastic.  J is by no means a vegan, though he doesn’t eat meat, he is a huge fan of cheese and eggs, but Fressen surprised us both.  The dishes were rich and filling, but most of all DELICIOUS.  I wished I could have left with a cookbook.  I did leave inspired.

 She was happier on the return trip.  So were we.


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