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six months flew by

my favorite little person is sleeping next to me right now.  i cannot believe she is already six months old.  today she burst into a chorus of mamammamamamamama…i love that.  Sunday night she rolled right into the dining room, and today she was rolling all around the living room.  she can already get up on her hands and knees.  scary.  i’m not ready for a crawling baby.
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Toronto in 2 days with a teething baby

I can hardly believe I insisted on hurrying back into town from vacation so I wouldn’t miss my sewing class.  It wasn’t even that good a cass, to be honest, but I was far too excited to learn more about my Viking. My poor husband had no idea what a monster he was creating when he bought it for me for my birthday.  On the other hand, for all this ambition, our daughter is moving toward an all homemade wardrobe rather quickly! Continue reading

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