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traveling with children

last weekend we went to visit my friends in the Atlanta area, and my sister and brother-in-law, but most importantly, my new niece!  I went alone with 2 of our children, peety and ellabella.  I have traveled alone with each of them, but never with both.  I must admit I was a bit frightened.  Sometimes Peter becomes lost in his head and wanders off, and Ella, well, she’s a baby, and that presents its own challenges.  Both of them are now certified Ace Travelers in my estimation.  When traveling, Peter can rise to the occasion and summon an extra dose of helpfulness and attention, and Ella was her usual laid-back self.  Since she’s been traveling at least since 6 weeks old, its just another part of her existence, not a “special occasion.”
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was conscious effort to be a *great* mother stifling to my first born?

Well, the show was a roaring success, so now my creative engines are stoked for a while.  Even if it means there’s more work than ever, the pressure is off.

 The baby was the belle of the ball at the company reception we hosted, and I couldn’t have been more pleased with her all week.  She is so laid back, friendly, and sweet.  Even waiting for baggage at the airport, people would walk by her and it was as if they were struck with a tiny bit of joy. It was amazing to see random strangers pass through her sunshine filter and invariably wind up smiling, even if just for a moment. Continue reading

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