busy busy

Nine days until the big conference and still the booth isn’t ready, still working on messaging and powerpoint, and trying to be a good mother all at once.  It’s really wearing me down.  I should be sleeping whie Peter’s at school and Ella is napping, but I cannot.  My husband is up at 2 a.m. for the day, every day.

 I’m going to make a list of things that ARE done, to help me feel better:

Staff shirts ordered

Logo onesie for Ella:)

Powerpoint show background complete

Outlines for meeting presentations complete

Press releases organized and delegated

….Okay and now what I still need to do?

Complete meeting presentations (4 topics)

FAQ and official talking points for staff training

Buy a pair of black pants (that fit!)

Obtain marketing materials from partners

Press kit (design page layout, print, and package)

Finalize booth


…deep breaths…

Once this is under way it is going to be spectacular.  Until then…?


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