Do they feed one another while I’m not looking?

No, not the children….inspiration and creativity.  Last night I tiptoed to the sewing room in the basement and spent 2 hours making a couple of things for my little daughter while everyone slept.  I know I missed out on some important rest over the weekend, but I feel better than I have in weeks having used my hands to make something. 

My son was also inspired by my creations and has asked to help when I draft a pattern to construct a fleece pullover he’s requested. 

Today I was able to think clearly about the graphics and writing I need to complete over the next two weeks.  My husband and I were surprisingly relaxed discussing and planning for the (overwhelming) commitments we have made or must make in those same two weeks for work.  I even made time to work out today.

I’ve been forbidding myself to begin any sewing projects until I met my February deadlines.  I was certain I’d become distracted, and looking forward to the reward of uninterrupted craft time would be motivationg.  My solitary focus on making deadlines may have been the very thing holding me back from exceptional creative freedom in the projects I’ve needed to complete.  It’s a radical consideration.

Here, all these years I’ve assumed that my compulsion to clean the house before I finish an assignment was procrastination. 

Maybe it’s not completely procrastination after all?  Could these redirections be the creative equivalent to “sleeping on it”?  Or is that a desperate clutch for purpose; rationalizing my tendency to procrastinate?

I think I’ll sleep on that for tonight.


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